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Canadian Graphic Designer, Digital Marketer & Professional Writer for country music, film & TV. Freediver in training, budding enviromental & music journalist.


  • Sidra Riaz

    Sidra Riaz

    Biotechnologist| A reader and a writer in the making. Email:

  • Sarah Heidmann

    Sarah Heidmann

    Marine biologist based in the US Virgin Islands. I write about science, climate change, books, and more

  • Shahroz Qasim

    Shahroz Qasim

    With two years of experience, I have learned how to craft well-researched and creative content that boosts your ranking in your niche.

  • Westfall Dave

    Westfall Dave

  • Yayzy App

    Yayzy App

    Be #PlanetProud with Yayzy β€” The Best #Fintech App Available

  • David Andrew Wiebe

    David Andrew Wiebe

    Founder of Music Entrepreneur HQ. Download your free guide:

  • Lorenzo Giacomella

    Lorenzo Giacomella

    🌱 Sustainable Economist|Part-Time Writer|Lover of People, Food and the Planet

  • Jonathan Pezzi

    Jonathan Pezzi

    Kentuckian | @ University College London | Research on the Middle East | Interests in Climate Change, IR, & Public Policy

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